Thursday, February 2, 2012

CNY before Chloe fall sick :)

I hate HFMD!!!

Finally My poor lil Chloe start to have her proper meal, since last friday she start to have fever then follow by sore throat then mouth have a lots of ulcers. From friday I bring her to family doctor, then saturday night we bring her to 24 hrs clinic, then follow by father in law bring her to the nearest doctor to see what happen to her, till monday bring her to KK hospital then confirm is "HFMD'. I hate it make my baby Chloe suffer to the max!!!
She cant even talk cant eat any food and even drink water also cannot. Keep crying thru the whole day, when I see her like that my heart very pain. She is hungry she see me eat bread she also want to eat but she scare painful, but she still trying very hard to eat but its really painful,cant even chew the whole tough is ulcers. Can you imagine if we adult got 1 ulcer in your mouth you already feel very pain till keep complaining. But now in her mouth there are many many ulcers.. My poor lil Chloe, lucky now she is better.
I also don't understand why school start to have HFMD why they never inform parents?! When I reach school then I saw why the teacher checking the kid with gloves and ask the kid sit on outside chair to check them. And when I start to ask the teacher then the teacher tell me there are 7 kids in the school kena HFMD! What the FxxK?! Really very worry next time don't know they will inform the parents or not. Must really inform the principle about this.
Lucky my Chloe is feeling better. At least she can laugh and talk to me.I miss she calling me Mummy!!!

Family Picture

 Another picture of US!! Of course is Mummy,Daddy, and "Me". I love you both mummy and daddy.