Monday, July 20, 2009

@ Fish & Co on 18/07...

Here we are again, having fun in Fish & Co on 18/07....

"Transformer" in the clinc

Sorry ppl, it took me so long to post up these entries. My working hrs are always the reasons for not posting, yeah i know it sounds like an excuse, cos i always have time for my games instead.

Alrite, we took these pics when we were @ our family clinic tat day...both of us were made to wear these mask in order not to spread our virus. I think its rite to wear them when you are sick, cos we must be a responisble patient during the H1N1 season. Dont you guys think we looks like Transformer??? hee hee

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 Great days

We had such great times in these 2 days when I m off and wifey starting her 4mths of maternity leave.

Yday we went to our fav shopping hunt, IKEA @ alexander. Dint buy anything, we juz went there for our lunch. It's really weird not to do shopping there man!! Really hard to control the temptation of getting the red wooden rocking horse for baby Chloe, Nicole hav to drag me away from the children display area.

Next stop to another hunting place of ours, Holland Village. She did her pedicure and me looking out of the wind screen from e car after a u-turn from Maju Camp. Why???? Cos I was a blur sotong, to hav actually booked the wrong date for my ippt test. There we bought our sumptuous dinner home for the family.

Today we spend the whole afternoon cosy up at home before we went Tiong Bahru for our movie. Yeah!!! Finally we gonna watch Ice Age together again. Watching it really brought back the memories of us when we were having our 1st date 3 yrs back. We were watching the part 1 of Ice Age back then. Time really flies lo, wonder if they gonna film Ice Age 4. Anyhow it's really a cute and hilarious movie and we had lots of laugh inside.

Lastly we had our dinner @ Ajisen. Not really tat nice, maybe cos we had went there so many times le, and they had nv change their menu for yrs. We even had the same thing in HK during our last visit. Hmmmm.... Think gonna stop patronizing there for awhile.

Tml is back to work time. Nicole wifey alone at home rejevenating herself. How I wish I can stay home too. ;(

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A dream

We are juz looking forward for tml to come, cos it mark the start of a 4 mths maternity leave for wifey. And also a count down to the arrival of the baby princess of our family, Chloe.

Maybe we are both really too eager, cos last nite, we both dreamt of Baby Chloe coming out le. So coincident lo. And Nicole dreamt her labour is on 14/07, gosh!! It's juz next week. Hail the princess!! Hail the princess!!

Looking at her inflated tummy each and every day, I feel so heart-warmed. And it's really hard and tired to carry a baby for like 9mths to date. Feeling the baby kicking and punching and turning around inside is such entertainment, listening to us talking at times and kicking to catch our attention. She is such a playful girl.

Seeing my Nicole going thru so much, I will definately treasure her and happy family forever yeah!!! ;D

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun and loving day

Having fun and great desserts @ MOF and Coffee Club.

It's been a long time since we last enjoyed our dessert hunting. So today we welcome July in spectacular way by indulging ourselves in all these fabulous and nice to look at food. I know i m kinda over a bit, but yes it's nice to eat.

We had a great time today not only bcos of the food, but also knowing baby Chloe is eager to come out to e world already. She is already 2.6kg in mummy's tummy @ 34 weeks 3 days. Doc recommend us to induce labor if baby gets even bigger before actual due date. So tat means we can start choosing the date we want Chloe to come out!!! Ahhhh can't wait for her to pop out.... We r such eager parents. ;)

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