Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Counting down 3 days to Chloe's Baby Shower!!!
Everything was prepared :
Buffet ordered,
Decoration purchased,
cake coupons bought,
Beautiful 2-tier pink cake
waiting for collection...
waiting for the guests to arrive....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this is the Fengshui Master who got
Chloe her name<卢湘婷>,
althought ultimately its
still us who chose her name thru
a couple of combinations

Family Potrait

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

haha got this application from enci's blog and here i am creatin

the family potrait of the 3 of us. Nicole mummy will

definately scold me for letting her show up in a panty...hee hee

faster grow up Ah Ting!! so that u can same height

as daddy and mummy...;P

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my name is Chloe
Loo Xiang Ting
is my name....

Friday, August 7, 2009

See her tiny lil mouth.

She likes to do this cute face.

YeYe with baby Chloe

-- Post From My iPhone

07/08/09 a special moment

As usual, waking up as early as 6.30AM to take care of Chloe cause daddy preparing to go work at 7.330AM. Chloe was super naughty this morning, not sure wats up with her. She was supposed to be fed with her daily dose of Formula milk, then have her diaper changed and after which back to her own dreamland. Not the case today.... She had done everything but not going back to her sleep. Tot she demanded milk again with her frustrated cries cause she only finished half the bottle of 90ml earlier on. Out come another 60ml, but yet again half finished.

She continued not being herself once again after the milk session. She doesnt wanna go back to her sleep... so she stayed awake doing nothing in my arms till 9.30AM when i went in the rooms to wake her mummy up. It was untill 11Am then she managed to convince herself that its bout time not to disturb mummy and daddy by going back to her sleep. **really a tough morning**

So i went to Fairprice in Dawson alone, cos Chloe's mummy gonna stay back home to look after her while she is still sleeping. Bought 3 packs of Pampers for NB @ $10.30 each, 3 packs of Pigeon Baby Wipes @ $6.95 each and some Nicole's daily essentials. Damn the Pampers is cheaper compared to the one selling in Giant @vivo($10.90each). Hmmm all along i tot Giant should be selling cheaper but this time round, i was taken aback(dou its only a 60cent different) Bought the wrong Baby Wipes also, intended to buy their refill, but instead brought their travel pack(so gonna pay more).

Back at home we were searching the web for auction for MAYDAY DNA concert for 29th Aug. I really cant convince myself to miss this concert, cause we had waited 2 yrs since the last when we went together. **Its was mind blowing** People should be asking why at the 1st place dont buy in advanced? Ans : Before the tixs were sold out for the session on 29th, we wasnt sure when baby Chloe going to come out, and have to take the 1 mth comfinement into consideration too...thus the trouble. Now only left with the 29th, as 28th is Chloe's Baby Shower day(Full Month) so no way we can go lo. Anyhow, lets pray hard we can get the tixs...

Lastly, both myself and Nicole had a 1 min of a moment, which is once in a lifetime. We share that particular moment with the best hug we can give each other. Dunno if anyone knows bout it, today marks a moment 12.34.56pm 07/08/09. Indeed its once in a lifetime...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

9 days had passed since the birth of princess Chloe. And counting down i m left with only 4 vulnerable days including todays before i go back to work. Sometime i really wish my working hrs can be cut shorter, so as to spend more time at home, but its all day-dreaminig lo.

These few days, i felt i had really grown up and become more fatherly. Not that before i was still a big baby, its just that the "feeling" had changed to the better. And accomadating to Nicole is a norm thing already, cause of the pain and suffering she had gone thru for the past 9mths or so. I'd learnt to treasure her more and not to get her hurt in any ways. Having baby Chloe can be a major change in our lives, its like a big "project", gonna do alot of things, eg: gather info, planning, learning process, "investment", wait for it to mature and lastly see the fruits of labour. Its a "LIFE PROJECT"...

I had lost counts of the number of diaper change i had done, washing/ sterilizing of milk bottles, clothes changing, coaxing Chloe to sleep and waking up every morning at 6Am to take over of looking after her. And lastly helping her to shower for the 1st time yday. These seems like a chore but i m happily enjoying it. So today's rountine will be the same like yday and every other day.... but later gonna go do some shopping for baby diapers and buying lunchy for Nicole wifey. ;D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random photos of her...

She is having her sweet dreamz

Sleeping moments....

Here she is trying to be like WONDER WOMEN

......why not be like The Wonder Girls???
>>Nobody Nobody But You **clap **clap



Grandpa helping Chloe to shower

She is struggling not to go in the tub

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A gift from the HEART... THANK YOU!!

We would like to thankq everyone
for the whole loads of gifts
and the time spent
coming to visit us.
It was really time
consuming as only 2 visitors
were allowed including myself.
And lastly sorry for those who had
waited for their turn to
go up the ward.

Some other pics taken in the hospital

Mummy smiling after a long day

Chloe's MUMMY...

Chloe's DADDY...

a soundly sleep in mummy's arm....

i think she is shitting
when i m taking this pic of her

a beautiful pic of her catching a yawn halfway thru

sleeping again after milk...

Burping in action...

Action 1 : Sit her upright,
tumb + index fingers on her cheeks(not choking her)
Action 2 : Choke her tightly...NO!! NO!!!
pat her back slightly...

Action 3 : Burp out loud...**BURP**

Action 4 : Look stunned if found on camera...

Action 5 : Stun the cameraman if
looking stunned wont do the trick
(by looking stunner)

Ok these are some steps to follow if you are helping
your newborn doing some burping action.
Not 100% correct,
but atleast it does the trick...

Picture of Chloe when she was born

This is the moment when Chloe is brought out
... WELCOME!!!

She is trying to do a peek-a-boo with daddy

Nurses doing cleanup for her...

Head measurement...

Although a bit blurry...its reads out,
"D/O of Chow Siew Peng Nicole"

She is here trying to block the camera...
Weighing in...

Welcome Baby Chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the post where everyone else is waiting to see(i supposed). I'm gonna explained in details how Nicole had endured her 21hrs of pain and the birth of baby Chloe to this Family of the Loos.

It all started on 27th July, where she had her weekly checkup @ ACJ clinic. It was also the day we had planned to discuss with Dr Caroline Khi(our Gynae) to have our induced birth on 28th July. ~ Why Nicole dun wanna do it on the same day u would had asked ~ cos she wanna enjoy the whole of 27th so as to prepare herself for the BIG DAY the following day.

11Am 27th July:
During the checkup, Dr Khi suggested we induced birth immediately as she had found the umbilical cord on Chloe's neck area while doing the ultrasound test. Fear and safety overcome every other things in our minds and we proceed as told. Its was a mere 5 mins i'll say, and the pill was in Nicole's body and the effects came in soon after that. Although Dr Khi mentioned that that contraction will only occur the next day, Nicole is having a constant count of pain when she was put up for a contraction test. After tat we were told to go home and be back @ 3.30pm for another check.

3.30Pm 27th July:
Back at the clinic again, Nicole already having very strong contraction pains...1 contraction per min. And she is already 1 cm dilated before she was transferred to the Observation Rm while i did the admission for her.

5.45Pm 27th July:
Dr Khi came in to check on Nicole, 2.5cm dilated and membrane rupture(water bag burst). Everything going smoothly and based on the progress, baby Chloe might be out by 2am. Nothing can be sure....

11.30Pm 27th July:
Its time to be transferred to the Delivery Ward by now. Nurses came in to check and still remains at 2.5cm dilated, still no progress at all...

12Midnight 28th July:
After 8.5 hrs of enduring the contraction pain, Nicole have to get her 1st of many Epidural injections. Its really pain to see after her injection, she was shivering down her spine, could hardly move and a urinal bag attached to her. Really wanna cry seeing her in those pains.

12Am-6Am 28th July:
Super unbearable long wait...coffee after coffee, walking up and down the hospital floor is killing me!!

6Am 28th July:
Nurses came in to check once again for dilation... 2.5CM!!!!!!!!! Its still the same since last evenin!!!!!! Nothing had changed at all and Nicole preparing for her 2nd Epidural. We had already prepared for the worst, to go for caesarean if Dr Khi comes in to check and there is still no progress.

8.30Am 28th July:
Nurses checked and its 5CM dilated already!!! Nicole said she felt the nurses had a hand in helping her to dilate to the current size. Kudos to the nurses for helping....

9.30Am 28th July:
Dr Khi came in and its 6cm dilated by now....

10.30Am 28th July:
Nicole complaint bout pain and pressure down at the cervis, and its surprisingly 9cm dilated!!!
Its progressing really fast by now...but the 2nd Epidural is running out...

11.30Am 28th July:
Times up!!! Its 10cm dilated already. 3rd Epidural is injected and ready to start pushing but something below is blocking Chloe's head making it hard to come out. So gonna wait another 2 more hrs claimed by the nurses.

12Noon 28th July:
Nicole complaining pain again, this time round really wanna give birth already...so its PUSH!!...PUSH!!!...PUSH!!!! time....
Its easy said then done, its really hard to push as she had no more strength left after many counts of pushing to get the crowning(able to sight baby's head). Her stomach was empty with nothing else left inside. The small little portion of porridge from last evening dinner was well digested to nowhere already. 40mins had passed and she is already pushing for her life...and at a moment she, well...almost gave up. Frustrated, she put down both her legs from the leg support and start kicking it with agony until i sounded her that all efforts will be down to drain if she gave up. And so the PUSH action begins again. PUSH!!...PUSH!!!...PUSH!!!!

1240PM 28th July:
Here comes Dr Khi the saviour. All geared up, with the mid wife beside and emergancy bell sounded for all the nurses on duty to help. Baby Chloe's heart beat had dropped from averagely 154hbp to 70-80hbp. Dr Khi asked, "Girl u ready? u want me to help bring the baby out?"
"YES!!","OK!!!", DO IT!!!," at this moment, NO is always not an answer. So Dr Khi got ready her knife and vacumn(to suck out baby), nurses standing by ready to help push down the baby via the adominal. It was so tensed and it like we were in the scene of Antomy Grey. "OK!!!" was shouted and all get started.

The 1st cry of the Baby Chloe was sounded...she was so big when lifted out. Doc asked if i wanna cut the umbilical cord, "NO" was the answer given. Not because i was scared, its just tat Nicole had forbidded me to do tat as she tought tat i was "scared"... so anyhow i dint do it.

I was shown how the umbilical cord had tied 2 rounds on Chloe's neck, it was really life-threatening. Once Dr Khi placed baby Chloe on mummy's adominal, i hugged Nicole and we almost teared. A new life was borned...with the name of CHLOE, child of Ben and Nicole.

Sorry guys, for the pics i will upload soon.....

Nic's Birthday on 18th July

I noe its already August and the birthday was in July.... its just that we had been too busy to blog.
Alrite just some pics of that day. No pic of myself cos i was so messy after buying the Swensen Ice Cream cake from Holland Village, although daddy did manage one for us, it turned out super ugly.

Ok Nicole is so looking forward for the Swensen Ice Cream cake cos its like once a year thingy and also she wanted it before her baby Chloe is due. But wat turns out, is a over-rated Strawberry Ice Cream cake. Its really not much match our taste bud or standard i'll say. I give it only 2/10, tat 2 marks is for the resturant name. Its SUCKZ!!! BIG TIME!!!! PERIOD!!!!! No more Swensen Ice Cream cake for us from this moment onwards, never to buy again even if Baby Chloe request for it in the future.

After Nic's birthday...mine will be 4 days later... but not gonna blog bout it, cos it will be nothing near interesting, its just another "Birthday" for me...